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Top 5 ways Keep Your House Clean In Just 30 Minutes

After a long and tiresome day in your office, you would wish to return home and have a pleasant evening ahead. This is only possible if you make an effort to keep your house clean every day.  Believe it or not, this can be accomplished by investing less than thirty minutes every day.

Cleaning house surely is a rigorous task and it takes some effort to keep your house clean every day. It is not necessary to do everything at once, but if you start now, you would surely find yourself making progress. Stop worrying about the results, make steady effort and results will take care of itself.

Here are the top five ways to keep your house clean with just thirty minutes of your busy schedule!

1.Whistle as you Work

Enjoy cleaningCleaning can be boring and you may not have the motive unless you enjoy doing it. Whistling, humming or turning on the stereo will surely help you chin up and enjoy while working. Deeds like cleaning does not need your mind but your heart to keep you going.

So, grab a mopping stick, turn up the bass and start sweeping. If this does not help, you can always contact the cleaning professionals once a while for a complete cleanup of your home.


2.Inspect Your House Regularly

You cannot determine anything fishy about your house unless you inspect every room, regularly. An untidy room is basically an open invitation to insects to make your home as their habitat. Checking for dust or dirt in one room a day would take few minutes and resolving it will surely prevent you from any trouble.

If it becomes difficult to control the bug infestation, you can always contact the pest control services to keep them away.

3.Dump the Garbage Everyday

It is a very healthy habit to clean the house, collecting the garbage and dumping it in the trash can. Not only this keeps your house dust-free, it also keeps the bugs away from entering your house.

4.Clean The Filter Of Your Air Conditioner

AC cleaningBahrain is a very hot country and we cannot live comfortably unless we have Air Conditioners in our house. A.C in our country is not a luxury but a necessity. It takes very little effort to maintain Air Conditioners. All we need to do is to remove the filter from our split or window ac’s and wash it with warm water once a month.

You can also use a vacuum cleaning to remove the dust too. To remove the odour from the filter, it is highly recommended to run a little baking soda water over the filter before rinsing.

If you find it difficult to accomplish this task, you can contact the AC professionals to the work for you.

5.Set A Timer

Most of the aforementioned tips should not take more than thirty minutes total. We may get distracted by phone calls, WhatsApp messages or even email as you leave the daily chores behind. To keep you engaged in cleaning, we suggest you set a timer for 10-Minutes for each and every task. It will surely work and you can thank us later.

We would like to emphasise on the fact that cleaning is a rigorous task and keeping yourself involved in this may not be possible. In that case, you can contact the cleaning professionals to do the job for you so that you can sit back and relax!