Best Ways to protect your Home from Cockroaches in Bahrain

Cockroaches are amongst the top 5 insects that every home runner is concerned about. This is quite understandable because not only cockroaches are harmful to your house but can cause several allergies to your health. Cockroaches are influenced by weather conditions and mostly found in the warm regions. They can mostly found in kitchen and bathroom as there are attracted to places having water and food.

There are several series of steps that needs to be implemented to shield you home from Cockroach infestation. We must get rid of cockroaches before they become a major problem. Here’s what you can do if see more than just a few cockroaches roaming around in your house.

Regular Inspection

The most important step is to inspect your house thoroughly to seek any indication of dead cockroaches or facets droppings (looks like sawdust or black pepper) left underneath the furniture of your house.

If you happen to see cockroaches in your house in broad daylight, it will clearly indicate that the house is affected with cockroaches infestation. It would be high to time to reach pest control professionals immediately.

Keep Your House Neat

Regular cleaning of the house will prevent cockroaches entering your house to an extent. You will need to clean your house especially your bathrooms, kitchen and pantry. Remove the dust from all areas as cockroaches favour nesting their egg cases in such areas. You can always contact cleaning services once a while for a thorough cleanup of your home.

Also, check out for any water leakages or sink blockage as these problems invite more cockroaches to reside in these areas. Call the experts if there are any leakage or sink blockage.

Protect your Food

Cockroaches usually enter any house to find food. You will need to keep your food in a tight container. Always cover your garbage to prevent cockroaches entering them. Keep your food safe such that cockroaches have no access to any of it.

Dump all unused Items

Cockroaches also seem to breed in places which are never touched or cleaned viz.

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store room, garages and damaged items containing cracks or holes.Make sure you remove these aforementioned items to prevent them making your house their own.

The above-mentioned steps are basic methods you can do it by yourself or prevent cockroach infestation. Also, a couple of cockroaches lurking in the home is not a big issue, and they can be safely ignored. An action, however is needed if you are able to see a lot of cockroaches in your home, even in the day.


In case these steps don’t have any effect on the cockroach problem, you could always call a professional team to do the job for you!