10! Ways to Adorn Your Place

“The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the thought and the essence of the space”

                                                                                                                            – Anonymous

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. The spirit of adorning the space in a fashionable way with beautiful things in a different frame like Handyman provides the outstanding interior designing and fit out services. Here are some ways through which you can adorn your house in the way you like.


 1) Use Light Colours-

To make space appear larger you can use light colours, like white, cream, yellow since they make the room look more vibrant. Yellow resembles sunshine and happiness. Colours also affect one psychologically. Dark colours make space appear small and more of congested.





2) A Wall of Memory-



Isn’t it beautiful to keep memories alive? Instead of hanging paintings, why not decorate the wall with your family pictures. It may help in maintaining a happy air in the house. It helps in keeping happiness and prosperity at home. You can always cherish those moments as they will just be in front of you.





3) Go Green-




Add plants to your living space. Put them in every room, small, large, many or few. Plants accessorize your space by adding colours and texture. Plants are not just beautiful, but they also balance the humidity, absorb harmful pollutants and purify the air.




4) Usage of Decorative Mirrors-



Mirrors can also be used to make a space look larger. For any type of room, mirrors placed directly across from the windows will add instant light. Decorative mirrors can be used as an art to filling up empty spaces.






5) Using Cool Colours


Using cool colours like blue, purple etc would give your interiors a very royal look. The bright hues of aqua blue and royal purple will give a new touch to the interiors. This combination is perfect for the living room. With a royal look, it also maintains serenity in the house.




6) Terracotta Pots-



Terracotta pots are a common form of home décor. Having a pot in the living room to add a soothing sound of running water and freshen up the environment with the smell of petrichor





7) Fish Aquarium-



Keeping a fish aquarium on one side of the hall or near the dining area would make the environment more lively and friendly. Fishes are also associated with the good luck factor. They keep one in a good mood and according to some texts it also brings success and harmony at home.





8) Chandelier-


This becomes the locus point of houses/ offices/ shopping malls etc. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Its beauty completely lies within its grandiose presentation in the house. Small chandeliers should be for the bedroom and Large should be for Living room or dining room. It would be better if the chandelier sets contrast with the colour of the room or of the furniture.






9) Aroma Candles-


Aroma Candles should be indulged in the interior décor choices. Smell is the most powerful link to the emotions and feelings and can be strategically taken for interior designs. It affects our olfactory cortex through a positive energy.





10) Wind Chime-


A sweet sound that travels directly to the heart giving a peaceful and cherishing moment. You can create this magical sound by hanging this adorable décor wind chime in the hallway, lobby, dining area etc.

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